I love a chance to talk about stats, and there are some fab ones to look at below. I was recently talking to David H. Montgomery about our podcasts and he dropped the link to me on twitter (we’re @no10po in case you haven’t found us yet).

With his permission, I’ve copied two of the interesting, relevant graphs across to this blog post, the first one showing the share of Prime Minister’s lives under Kings and Queens.

Another interesting graph, is that of lifespan of our British Prime Minister’s against the monarchs life span in a very pretty graph. If you’re wondering who ruled as King and Queen, that would be William and Mary who we’ll be covering soon in the podcast. Catch up here by clicking here.

To read the whole article, visit http://dhmontgomery.com/2018/03/long-lives-the-queen/ who has done a fab job compiling the statistics. Also, check their podcast about post Napoleonic France out at http://thesiecle.com/ .

Thanks for reading 🙂

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