So let’s talk format. One of the reasons I started this podcast, apart from the fame and riches other podcasters have promised me I will receive; is that there really isn’t that much great, accessible information on our prime ministers, that goes into some real depth on the events that made and broke them.

Sure Nick Robinson does a cracking 15 minute episode on Radio 4 from time to time, but this is going to delve much further in and I promise that you will go away from this having learned how we’ve ended up with the system we’ve got now.

What I’ll do, is in chronological order, go through each Prime Minister, talking first about life before their taking up of office and then significant events within their tenure. So, for example, when we talk about John Major, we’ll talk about Black Wednesday and privatisation. With Neville Chamberlain, we’ll talk about appeasement, but also his much under stated domestic policy and ask the question- what if he had handled the road to Munich differently.

We’ll probably spend some time on Thatcher. I think that’s going to take some time.

I haven’t fully decided yet, but I may look at doing a group discussion, inviting guests in at the end of each prime minister and have a conversation about whether their premiership was a success or a failure- or a third way. I’ve also got an idea for a few “change my mind” episodes, where I’ll hold a view point and invite someone on to debate and discuss the alternative views. I’ll also tuck in some bonus episodes on certain people or events of the time which maybe aren’t directly related; but I’ve really enjoyed researching as part of the podcast. One I’ve decided I do want to do early on is the talented George Frideric Handel, who was Kapellmeister or essentially head composer to George I and revolutionised music in England when he came over with the new Hanoverian King. He’s also very kindly the music you hear at the beginning of each episode.

We’ll also see appearances from John Locke, Airey Neave, Aneurin Bevan, among many others.

This is also essentially a side project and hobby for me. I love learning new things, especially of a political capacity, and I’ve kind of run out of people who won’t jump out of a window when I start talking about the Treaty of Vienna or the Suez Crisis, so I’m reaching out further. I have a full time job I love, and for that reason, and I apologise in advance, there may be delays in episodes when life gets in the way. Take this as a blanket apology in advance!

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