This week we’ll be doing a group chat in one of our new segments called “This House Believes” or THB for short. We’ll be talking about unions and whether they are a force for good or bad in regards to the economy and society.

Starting around 1824, where factory workers joined associations to achieve better wages and working conditions, they grew into national general unions and have plated a large part in many historical events through our history including Merthyr Rising in 1831, the London Dock Strike of 1889 and the various actions through the 1960s, 70s and 80s that lead to the three day working week in 1973.

Are unions a force for good, protecting workers and enacting change to benefit those who have no power on their own, or are they organisations that take society hostage that everyone else then needs to pay the bill for?

Thanks to the magnanimous Ryan for coming on and having a great chat.

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