A little treat today, as we read the entirety of the Treaty of Union that bonded Scotland and England together in 1707, off the back of various financial issues that Scotland had suffered (namely the Great Famine and the Darien Scheme failure) .

There were 25 articles in total, many covering import and export duties, and others dealing with currencies, flags and ship rights.

A brief breakdown of each articles topic:

  1. Merging of the two kingdoms, their flags, banners and land.
  2. Securing the Protestant line of Succession.
  3. Creating on one united Parliament.
  4. Joint trade rights for both kingdoms.
  5. Ship and vessel rights and registration process.
  6. Unifying personal rights to both English and Scottish citizens.
  7. Import and Export duties and excise for “exciseable liquor”.
  8. Import and Export duties and excise for salt.
  9. Tax raising and collection details.
  10. Import and export duties and excise for “Stampt paper, Vellom and Parchment”.
  11. Import and export duties and excise for windows and lights.
  12. Import and export duties and excise for “Coals, Culm and Cinders”.
  13. Import and export duties and excise for malt.
  14. General import and export duties and excise details.
  15. Details on trade equality and financial bailing out of the African and Indian Company of Scotland (responsible for the Darien scheme failure).
  16. Unification of currency and details on minting facilities.
  17. Standardisation of weights and measures.
  18. Details on trade and civil liberties in Scotland that will remain unchanged.
  19. Preservation of the Scottish court system and process of appointing members. Also details on naval jurisdiction in Scotland.
  20. Preservation of inherited offices, land and jurisdictions.
  21. Preservation of the Royal Burghs.
  22. Details on Scottish representation in the British Parliament- 16 Lords and 45 MPs, as well as the oath of allegiance to be taken.
  23. Standardisation of the rights of Scottish lords and MPs to that of their English counterparts.
  24. Unification of the great seal, and preservation of the Scottish and English seal until the new one is created.
  25. Cancellation of all laws that conflict with the Treaty of Union.


Featured image by Ch√Ętelain and Gueudeville – Atlas Historique, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26423389

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