The Number 10 Podcast was launched in 2019, with an aim of bringing new topical and interesting political conversation through the frame of looking to the past formation of government and the office of the British Prime Minister.

The podcast contains a variety of episode types including:

  • British Prime Minister Biographies, chronicled by the big events of their premiership;
  • PM Review, a group discussion at the end of each Prime Minister to decide whether they were a success, a failure or even a third way;
  • This House Believes, an occasional one on one debate segment, where guests try and change the hosts mind on an issue or viewpoint.
  • Interviews with political figures who we can snare into the studio.

Our Team

Juno, Chief Mouser

Juno is head mouse hunter at the Number 10 Podcast, even when she’s not been asked to. She spends most of her time sleeping on roofs, bullying other cats and tucking local neighbours up for surplus food.

Juno regularly likes to sit with Chris as he writes, predominantly on top of the keyboard, where it is, quite obviously to her, the most comfortable.

Juno lives with Chris and his wife, and is treated like an absolute princess.

Chris Flynn, Host

Number 10 is currently hosted by Chris Flynn, a London born, Wales based politico. He holds a degree in Law & Politics and is currently an elected Independent Councillor for his great village.

Apart from political history, Chris hosts a regular board game night, plays golf and tires as much as possible to watch the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Team.