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E10- Tackers, Jacobites & Sacheverell

We continue today talking about Queen Anne, after talking in great detail about the Act of Union of 1707 that created the kingdom of Great Britain. We move back a little bit to talk about some other important areas of Anne’s life and rule.

E9- Queen Anne & The Making of Great Britain

Today we’re starting our look at Queen Anne after the death of William and the rise of the Tories under Godolphin and Marlborough. We then turn to looking at why Scotland, despite hugely against a union, ended up jumping into it with both feet.

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The Bill of Rights

William and Mary were about to cede their control over taxation, the military, foreign policy and their ability to call parliament. Part of this would become known as the declaration of rights, and once passed, the bill of rights and is the first piece of legislation we’ll discuss today in the revolutionary settlement.

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