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Ireland: 100 years on from Partition (with Ivan Gibbons)

In this episode, released on the 100 year anniversary of Irish partition, we talk with Ivan Gibbons about the statesmen involved in the decision and whether it was a success. We talk about the implications of partition that are still being felt to this day.

Europe, Brexit and the Future (with James Elles)

In this episode we speak with James Elles (former British MEP) about the changing relationship between Britain and Europe, as well as the steps that led to Brexit in a really fascinating conversation with a politician who has been involved in European and International politics since the 1970s.

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The Bill of Rights

William and Mary were about to cede their control over taxation, the military, foreign policy and their ability to call parliament. Part of this would become known as the declaration of rights, and once passed, the bill of rights and is the first piece of legislation we’ll discuss today in the revolutionary settlement.

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